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MILESTONE Printed Edition, December 2020.
MILESTONE is a globally renowned business magazine celebrating and showcasing exceptional businesses, public figures, and executives throughout EMEA and Asia.
milestone magazine 2020
GQ Germany: GQ Watches 1/2021, November 2020.
Cover story: Time for respect - what value watches have. 
Other topics: The new products of the year - From Rolex and Cartier to Omega,
Investing, collecting, caring for - the great watch guide

gq watches 2020

Breakit: Article, May 2020.
Breakit is a Swedish news channel focusing on the business world.

"The Watch Stand wants to keep the watches safe - doubles turnover"
Read article here (Swedish)


Connoisseur Club: Weekly newsletter, May 2020.
Connoisseur International has been publishing Magazine Connoisseur since 1998 to the most financially successful individuals in Sweden. The Connoisseur Club is a closed club only for persons who receive Connoisseur Magazine, which means that they have a declared income of at least SEK 2 million.

"The Watch Stand - an essential accessory for all watch lovers."


Passion Horlogère: Review and unboxing, February 2020. 
Passion Horlogère is a french magazine for watch enthusiasts with the latest news on watches and watchmaking. Including reviews, interviews, and information.

Passion Horlogère After three weeks of use and handling, this is Passion Horlogère conclusions:

  • This accessory proves to be very useful in everyday life. Used in the office, or on the bedside table, it provides remarkable stability to the watch placed there.
  • The manufacturing quality is impeccable. It will have to be tested over time, but to date we have absolutely nothing to complain about.
  • The marble base allows perfect stability. 
  • The leather cushion is very well made and perfectly proportioned. 
  • The aesthetic is very nice and will go well with your interior.


GQ Germany: special edition GQ Watches, October 2019.
Gentlemen's Quarterly as a magazine and on the Internet. GQ is lifestyle for demanding men. With intellect, charm, journalistic competence, a clear attitude and always stylish, GQ leads through the male living environment - from business to relationship, from fashion to mobility.GQ Watches page 126