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Article: Keeping Your Luxury Watches Safe While Traveling: Tips and Tricks

Keeping Your Luxury Watches Safe While Traveling: Tips and Tricks

Keeping Your Luxury Watches Safe While Traveling: Tips and Tricks

Whether you're jetting off on a leisurely city break, embarking on a business trip or enjoying some quality time with your family on a beach holiday, the watch, or watches, that you decide to bring with you deserve special attention to ensure they remain safe and in pristine condition throughout your travels. After all, there's no better mood-spoiler than discovering damage to a watch or, worse yet, losing a watch. From exploring vibrant cities to relaxing on sun-kissed beaches, here are some valuable tips to safeguard your timepieces during various travel scenarios:

1. Choose Your Watch Wisely:

Before you jet off, the first thing you should consider when choosing your watch is the destination and activities you have planned for your trip. This will inform your decision on which watches you should bring on your travels and, as a result, how many watches you would like to take with you. Opt for rugged sports watches for adventurous outings and more delicate dress watches for formal occasions. Additionally, consider the complications you might want to have on hand, such as GMTs, world timers, large water resistances and such. If you have a lot of different uses for your watch, you will naturally want to take more watches with you on your travels. 

2. Wear Strategically:

When navigating through bustling airports, bustling city streets or hot sandy beaches, wearing your watch on your wrist keeps it secure, easily accessible and safe. However, exercise caution in crowded areas to minimize the risk of accidental damage or theft. Wear long-sleeved shirts over your watch when possible, particularly in cities known for pickpockets or watch theft, and be a little more aware of who can see your watch than you would be at home. 

3. Utilize Secure Storage:

For times when you're not wearing your watches, invest in reliable storage solutions such as our collection of luxury watch rolls. Luxury watch rolls like ours are excellent for safeguarding a handful of timepieces by offering individual cushioned compartments to prevent scratches and impacts. Watch rolls also keep your watches in the one place, rather than having them hidden in your socks, reducing the likelihood of you misplacing them.

4. Packing for Protection:

If travelling with a particularly large watch collection, opt for sturdy watch boxes designed for travel. While these cases are quite cumbersome, they often feature cushioned interiors and secure closures to keep your watches safe during transit. Ensure your watches are individually wrapped or secured to prevent them from knocking against each other and be sure to keep your key safe, as the only way to get into a watch box without a key is by destroying it, which could result in you damaging your watch.

5. Safeguarding in Special Scenarios:

Of course, after arriving at your destination with your watches, you will have to keep them safe while you wear them on your travels, and so, these are some scenarios you may find yourself in that you will want to safeguard your watch during.

Swimming: If you plan to take a dip in the pool or ocean while on holiday, ensure your watch is water-resistant and suitable for aquatic activities before you leave. Take your watch to your watchmaker and have them make sure your seals and gaskets are okay and your watch is still water resistant. Also, rinse your watch with fresh water after swimming in salt water to prevent corrosion. 

In the Airport: Stay vigilant in busy airport terminals and security checkpoints. Keep your watch securely fastened on your wrist throughout security, and do not take it off. It will not set off the metal detector; if it does, remove it and go back through. Watches are often stolen at security. It is best to hide your watch under a sleeve when you do this. If you don't have a long sleeve or your watch is not anti-magnetic, stow it safely in your carry-on bag to avoid potential loss or theft; do not just leave it in a tray.

Formal Events: Wear your dress watch with pride for upscale gatherings, but remain mindful of potential risks such as accidental bumps or spills. If something spills on your watch, dry it off immediately with a cloth. If your leather strap gets wet, do not use heat to dry it, as that will damage its shape. Dry it with a cloth as best as possible and let it air dry. 

On the Beach: Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Be sure to wash sand and saltwater off it as you go throughout the day, and do not take it off your wrist, as the beach is not somewhere you can store a watch safely. Also, consider wearing a rubber strap to protect your bracelet and be more comfortable as you enjoy the day.  

Exploring Cities: While sightseeing in bustling urban environments, keep a watchful eye on your surroundings and be wary of pickpockets. Conceal your watch under clothing when navigating crowded streets or public transportation, or leave your watch in one of your secure storage options, hidden or locked in the safe in your room.

6. Insure Your Timepieces:

Lastly, before you embark on your journeys, you should consider obtaining insurance coverage for your luxury watch collection to provide financial protection against theft, loss, or damage while travelling. Verify the extent of coverage and any travel-specific limitations with your insurance provider before leaving, such as specific countries that are not covered, and enjoy your travels with complete peace of mind that no matter what, you won't be out of pocket.


By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your treasured luxury watches are kept safe and well-protected during your travels, thus allowing you to focus on making unforgettable memories wherever your adventures take you.

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