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Article: The Five Best Places To Store Your Watches

The Five Best Places To Store Your Watches

The Five Best Places To Store Your Watches

So, you've bought a watch and don't want to take it off. Ever since you first strapped it to your wrist, it's been a love affair; we've experienced it too, don't worry. The only problem is, you do eventually have to take your watch off. It's rare for us collectors to have just one watch, so storing the watches we aren't wearing can often become a problem that needs solving. 

While hiding watches in your sock drawer or putting them back in their original boxes are all satisfactory means of storage, they certainly aren't the best or what your timepieces deserve. As you evolve as a watch collector, you may want to consider upping your watch storage game too. Here, we're going to go through the five best ways we think you can store your watches. 

Watch Rolls

Perhaps the most common means of watch storage, we have the humble watch roll. Available in many shapes, sizes, materials, colours and construction styles, watch rolls offer users a compact, safe and stylish means of watch storage. Best described as a hybrid solution, watch rolls can store watches over the short, medium and long term. Perfect for bringing watches on your travels as well; they offer fantastic options for most collectors. 

The best watch rolls out there are those made of sturdy, soft and high-quality materials, like suede and leather. Additionally, you want your watch roll to have a quality construction. Some luxury watch rolls skip out on construction costs by using one floating cushion, without any divisions, that each watch will share. The best quality watch rolls will use individual segments. These segments keep your watches from banging into one another and getting scratches or general damage.


We love using leather watch rolls as they allow us to select some watches for the week ahead, put them in our watch roll and store our watches in a nice compact manner in our bedside locker while putting our other watches away somewhere else. If you would like to shop our collection of luxury leather watch rolls, please click here.

Watch Stands

We might be a bit biased here, given that we are who created the luxury watch stand, but the watch stand is a fantastic means of storing your watch for a few hours or overnight. Whether you want to avoid scratching your watch on your desk while you work or want to keep it safe on your bedside table, a watch stand allows you to proudly store and display your watch over a short period of time.

Luxury watch stands made of soft materials with large solid bases, like ours, are what we think you should use. This means the cushion won't damage your watch, and the watch stand won't tip over. It is our genuine belief that a cherished timepiece deserves a luxury watch stand. If you'd like to see our selection of luxury watch stands, feel to check out our collections here.

Watch Winders

Watch winders are a great way to keep your automatic watches stored if you want to avoid having to rewind and reset them after a period of wearing other watches. The ultimate in timepiece convenience, watch winders allow you to enjoy your timepiece immediately after putting it on.

Crucial for owners of complicated watches annual calendar, perpetual calendars, moon phases, celestial displays and the like, watch winders remove the laborious process of resetting these complications that can take quite a while. However, if you are looking for a watch winder, be sure that it has various settings available so that you can match its speed to your watch to maximise efficiency. 


If you would like to browse our selection of Bernard Favre watch winders, please feel free to check out our collection here.

Watch Boxes

louis Vuitton watch box

Much like watch rolls, watch boxes can be a short, medium or long term storage solution with some pros and cons. While they can store more watches (which is excellent), they are larger and cannot be stowed away as easily, like in a nightstand, desk, or suitcase while travelling. With this in mind, we would recommend using a watch box to store watches over a long period and keeping your rotation watches within short reach, stored safely in a watch roll. 

Watch Safes

Rounding off our list, we have watch safes. While regular safes are just as good, safe and secure, watch safes often have built-in watch winders and come with compartments explicitly designed for watch storage. Of course, the trade-off for their security is that they are not portable and take longer to get into. Much like watch boxes, we would suggest using a watch safe in conjunction with a watch roll to have quick access to some watches while also having the rest of your collection locked away. 

Ultimately though, how you store your watches is a uniquely personal choice, and you should decide for yourself how you choose to do it. 


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